We believe in only supplying the best, and that’s especially the case when it comes to epoxy products for construction and maintenance. That’s why we’ve been the Victorian wholesale distributor of ATL Composite’s range of products since 1984. We also specialize in the distribution of Polyester Resins, Flowcoats and Gelcoats to the marine industry.


ATL Composites is dedicated to the continual development of composite technology, and has held a strong and successful position as an epoxy formulator, and supplier of composite materials and engineering, for the construction of high performance, lightweight composite structures for the marine, automotive, industrial, civil and transport industries since 1977.

WEST SYSTEM® Brand Epoxy

ATL Composites have manufactured WEST SYSTEM® brand epoxy products in Australia and New Zealand, under licence to Gougeon Brothers Inc, USA, since 1977.

WEST SYSTEM® brand epoxy products have been developed specifically for the marine industry and have been internationally marketed for over 30 years. Thousands of boats, and a variety of other applications, have been successfully completed using WEST SYSTEM® brand products, from the cold of North America and Europe, to the tropical conditions of Malaysia and Central America.


The ATL adhesive range includes systems suitable for secondary bonding of fibre-reinforced composite parts, and multipurpose bonding of timber, concrete and stone, through to highly toughened adhesives suitable for the structural bonding of metals, particularly aluminium and steel, where high peel strength is required.


ATL’s KINETIX® professional laminating epoxies form the basis of Australia’s highly developed, advanced composite boatbuilding industry, and were specifically formulated for the fabrication of fiberglass, aramid, and carbon fibre composites, using wet lay-up, vacuum bag or resin infusion processes.

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