At Marinesports we supply a range of both mechanical and chemical fastening systems. For the traditional boatbuilding and repair sector we supply traditional non-ferrous fastenings, including the range produced by OTTER®. We also wholesale the Sika range of marine sealants and adhesives throughout the Victorian marine sector.

OTTER® is 100% Australian and is widely recognized throughout the hardware, industrial and construction industries for their quality, reliability and service. Just some of their many products include nails, screws, wire products and even power tools.

Our comprehensive range of non-ferrous fasteners encompasses:

Copper Nails

Square shank copper boat nails with a flat countersunk head. Sizes from 20mm to 150mm

Copper Roves

To complement our Copper Nails. Sizes from 8mm to 20mm

Silicon Bronze Nails

Flat head with an annular thread for superior grip. Sizes from 15mm to 75mm

Silicon Bronze Woodscrews

Countersunk head with a superior cut thread. Available with a slotted, or Phillips, head. Sizes from 12mm to 75mm

Brass Woodscrews

Countersunk head with a superior cut thread. Available with a slotted head. Sizes from 6mm to 50mm


The right product for the job…that’s Sika’s approach to sealing and bonding in commercial and recreational Marine. Instead of a “one sealant fits all” approach, Sika provides a systematic approach to determining the best sealing and bonding solution.

Elasticity and persistence are key words in the construction and repair of boats and ships, which are constantly exposed to the buffeting of wind and waves. The elastic adhesive and sealing systems specially developed by Sika for the Marine industry offer outstanding performance where it is needed, making them ideal for use in all Marine craft; from skiffs and dinghies to luxury sailing yachts, from power boats to cruise liners and from tankers to fast ferries.

Sika manufactures and provides a wide variety of product technologies and solutions for the multitude of Marine applications and requirements; including moisture-curing one-component polyurethanes, high strength silane terminated polymers, two-part structural acrylics, and fast curing silicones

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